John Jay's Accomplishments

  • Married Sally Livingston the same week as the New York Tea Party (April 1774)

  • Member of Continental Congress (along with his new father-in-law William Livingston 

  • Chairman of Committee to Detect Conspiracies which saved the life of General Washington in June 1776

  • Main writer of New York State Constitution 1777 (he tried to outlaw slavery in NY but was not able to be at vote due to death of his mother)

  • Chief Justice State of New York

  • President of Continental Congress

  • Minister Plenipotentiary to Spain

  • Peace Treaty Negotiator with British for the Treaty of Paris with Ben Franklin and John Adams

  • Secretary of Foreign Affairs at New York City 1784-1789

  • Secretary of State March 4, 1789- March 1790

  • Chief Justice of Supreme Court 1790-1794

  • Sent by Washington to make treaty with Britain, called the Jay Treaty 1795

  • 2nd Governor of New York State where he outlawed slavery

  • President of New York Manumission Society

  • President of American Bible Society


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