1776 FAITH


Phil Webster has a passion for communicating the Christian worldview of the Founding Fathers to this generation.  His book 1776 Faith shows the Christian worldview of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, other Founders, the days of prayer on behalf of the nation, the original state constitutions which had a place for God, instances of Divine Providence on behalf of the nation, the Christian colleges of the era, the effect of the Great Awakening on the Founders and the Christian music of the era.


The research for 1776 Faith comes from reading the primary sources of the 25 volumes of Letters of the Delegates [of Continental Congress] 1774-1789 and 34 volumes of Journals of Continental Congress.  He challenges you to take the Founders Challenge and see if the Founders were deists, atheists or had a Christian worldview. 




The late Dr. D. James Kennedy; Sept. 16, 2005

"Webster's exciting new volume, 1776 Faith: The Christian Worldview of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence,is one of the most intriguing new books on the subject which I have seen. His in-depth examination of the signers, their faith and worldviews go a long way toward enlightening the American people concerning the founding of the country. I heartily recommend it to every American and hope it will have a very wide reception."


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Can a Chief Justice Love God The Life of John Jay.jpg

In light of current debates on the issue of "separation of church and state," has anyone bothered to check where the first Supreme Court Chief Justice would have stood? Many Americans could not name the first Chief Justice who also served as president of the American Bible Society. This man needs to be rediscovered.