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John Jay will have his day

John Jay is the George Bailey of "It Was a Wonderful American Revolution Life." If there ever was such a movie, the producers would find a way to edit out John Jay. Just imagine there not being a Treaty of Paris negotiator. What if there was no "Jay Treaty" to keep us out of a war in the 1790s. What if John Jay was not there to be the Chairman of the Committee to Detect Conspiracies which found out the plot to kidnap and kill George Washington in 1776 in New York. Who would have done such a capable job of establishing relations with other countries while serving as Secretary of Foreign Affairs (1784-1789) and Secretary of State (until March 22, 1790)? Who would have outlawed slavery in New York (Jay outlawed it in 1802 as New York's second governor)? Would someone else have defended General Washington during the Conway Cabal in 1779 when Jay served as President of Continental Congress or would that other person have put in Horatio (Camden) Gates?

John Jay is being snubbed/ omitted on a regular basis. In the new book Of Artists and Arms, Jay is omitted in the cover of the drawing of the negotiators of the Treaty of Paris.

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