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John Jay Will Have His Day!

John Jay used to be considered one of the Seven Pillars of the Founding Fathers. He has gone out of favor in the history books since the 1960s, the time when God was given His walking papers in the public square in the United States. When one takes the time to study John Jay, the Christian worldview cannot be avoided. Below are seven instances where Jay had the public stage and talked freely of God and God's place in the public square.

1. Address to the People of Great Britain October 1774

2. Address of the Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York to Their Constituents [I call it "Jay's Christmas Address 1776" written Dec. 23, 1776]

3. Charge to the Jury of Ulster County, NY 1777

4. New York Constitution as Chief Justice of New York State

5. Day of Prayer as President of Continental Congress May 20, 1779

6. At Treaty of Paris negotiations stated: "We have no rational dependency except on God and ourselves." Also wrote the first words: "In the name of the most Holy and Undivided Trinity."

7. As Chief Justice under the Constitution, Charge to Jury in Richmond, VA May 22, 1793.

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